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Nooteboom 3-Axle Low-loader

V003105 (2001)

Nooteboom 2-Axle Low-loader

V003097 (2001)

Nooteboom 5-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003095 (2004)

EKW 3-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003093 (2005)

Nooteboom 3-Axle Low-loader

V003079 (2008)

Nooteboom 5-Axle Low-loader + 3 axle Interdolly

V003078 (2009)

Nooteboom 4-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003077 (2009)

Nooteboom 4-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003076 (2009)

Nooteboom 3-Axle Low-loader

V003056 (2004)

Faymonville 3-Axle Telescopic

V003054 (2003)

Scheuerle Modular trailer

V003052 (2002)
MFC 2+3+4

ES-GE 5-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003051 (2003)

Nooteboom 4-Axle Low-loader

V003035 (2005)

Nooteboom 3-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003031 (1999)

Nooteboom 4-Axle Low-loader

V003024 (2014)

Nooteboom 5-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003016 (2001)


V002992 (2007)
Module torenstuk adapter

Goldhofer 4-Axle Stepframetrailer

V002981 (2006)

Goldhofer 4-Axle Stepframetrailer

V002980 (2006)

Goldhofer 3-Axle Stepframetrailer

V002977 (2006)
STN-L-3-38/80 A

Nooteboom 3-Axle Stepframetrailer

V002973 (2000)

Faymonville 3-Axle Low-loader

V002968 (2004)

Faymonville 3-Axle Stepframetrailer

V002952 (2008)

Goldhofer 2-Axle Low-loader

V002930 (1992)
STZ TL2 27 80

Latest news

Bolk invests in 35 Nooteboom Pendle-X axle lines

Bolk Transport b.v. from Almelo has this year invested in no less than 35 Nooteboom pendle axle lines to provide them with transport solutions for carrying loads such as the components for wind turbines, industrial goods and earthmoving machinery. As well as various low-loaders with pendle axles and Interdolly plus a trio of Super Wing Carriers for transporting 70-metre-long rotor blades, the delivery includes two MULTI-PX modular semi low-loaders with Multidolly.

Nooteboom at Scotplant 2014 - 25+26 April

On 25 and 26 of April, ScotPlant 2014 takes place at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, in Edinburgh. Nooteboom Trailers is present at Scotplant at the same stand location as two years ago and will be exhibiting three of their range of abnormal load trailers.

Ulferts & Wittrock expand with the latest 8-line Nooteboom MCO-PX with Multidolly

Ulferts & Wittrock, with their head office in Oldenburg (D), is a leading company supplying cranes and abnormal road transport. Recently they have added several 6-axle Nooteboom extendible semi low-loaders to their fleet, as well as the latest generation Nooteboom 8-line MCO-PX semi low-loader with detachable Multidolly.

Latest Nooteboom 3+6 Pendel-X low-loader

The PXE low-loader with 9 axle lines, configured with an ICP Interdolly with 3-axle lines and Pendel-X low-loader with 6-axle lines, is the latest showpiece in the Nooteboom low-loader programme. The first combination was recently delivered to the Danish company Bomholt and offers a gross combination weight of around 155 tonnes (at 80km/h) on the European roads. By now several of these new combinations have been sold and will soon be ready to be delivered.

Latest Nooteboom Super Wing Carriers for A.M. Kran Wind

One of the youngest players in the wind turbine transport sector is the German company A.M. Kran Wind GmbH from Schwedt/Oder-Heinersdorf. A.M. Kran Wind (in Poland operational since 1997) has been active in Germany for more than 2 years is owned by Maciej Gozdzik, who also owned the polish special transport company EUROKRAN-2 Sp. z.o.o. .

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