Used Trailers


Goldhofer Modular trailer

V003420 (2003)

Faymonville 5-Axle Low-loader + 3 axle Jeepdolly

V003407 (2008)

Nooteboom 6-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003395 (2008)

Schmidt Semi low-loader

V003356 (2008)

Nooteboom 6-axle Counterweights flatbed trailer

V003353 (2001)

Nooteboom 5-Axle Low-loader + 2 axle Jeepdolly

V003348 (1996)

Goldhofer 2-Axle Low-loader

V003346 (1994)

Nooteboom 5-Axle Low-loader + 2 axle Interdolly

V003341 (1997)

Nooteboom 3-Axle Low-loader

V003340 (1998)

ES-GE 6-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003335 (2004)

Goldhofer 4-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003318 (1996)

Nooteboom 4-axle Telescopic

V003307 (2006)

MOL 3-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003291 (1998)

Nooteboom 6-axle Counterweights flatbed trailer

V003283 (2000)

Scheuerle Modular trailer

V003263 (1999)

Scheuerle Modular trailer

V003262 (2008)

Goldhofer 3-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003259 (2012)

Latest news

Koninklijke Nooteboom Trailers has won the SV Innovation Award 2015

Koninklijke Nooteboom Trailers has won the SV Innovation Award 2015. According to the panel of expert judges the MANOOVR has scored the highest, particularly in the category ‘innovation for the user’. The award was presented by Jarco the Bruin, commercial director ING Lease Nederland, to general manager Marinka Nooteboom during the opening of the BedrijfsautoRAI 2015. The SV Innovation Award is an initiative of the Special Vehicles department of the RAI Vereniging and is sponsored by ING Lease.

Nooteboom MANOOVR Latest generation Multi-PL semi low-loaders ground-breaking innovation for abnormal road transport

The MANOOVR Multi-PL is the latest generation of Nooteboom semi low-loaders. Unique features are the ultra-low floor height and the high maximum permissible axle load.

More payload, less cost : The new 7-axle ballast trailer of Nooteboom

Nooteboom Trailers sets a new standard with the ballast trailer OVB-95-07 for the transport of crane ballast. The trailer has been improved to meet the requirements as laid down in German legislation.

Six Nooteboom Super Wing Carriers for LASO Transportes SA

LASO Transportes SA from Malveira in Portugal has strengthened their fleet for the transport of windmills with no less than 6 Super Wing Carriers for the transport of ultra-long rotor blades, as well as a significant number of extendible 4-axle semi low-loaders. All the SWC Super Wing Carriers have been delivered and are in full swing.

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