Used Trailers


Scheuerle Platform

V003539 (2009)

Floor 3-Axle Flatbed trailer

V003535 (2007)

Nooteboom 4-Axle Low-loader

V003523 (1999)

Nooteboom 2-Axle Low-loader

V003514 (1991)

Scheuerle Modular trailer

V003513 (1999)


V003496 ()


V003492 (2016)

Nooteboom Modular trailer

V003491 (2009)


V003486 (2011)

Floor 4-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003467 (2002)

Nooteboom 4-axle Telescopic

V003462 (2013)

Cometto Modular trailer

V003454 (2003)

ES-GE 6-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003453 (2004)

Nooteboom 5-Axle Low-loader + 3 axle Interdolly

V003448 (2006)

Nooteboom Low-loader

V003447 (2004)

Scheuerle Modular trailer

V003443 (2007)

DO TRAILERS 4-Axle Stepframetrailer

V003438 (1992)

Goldhofer Modular trailer

V003420 (2003)

Latest news


Nooteboom Trailers is a household name in the world of heavy transport. During the past 5 years Marinka Nooteboom, a fifth-generation family member, has been at the helm. ‘We found the way up again.’ If you have to transport something big, you need a lorry. If you want to transport something really big you should go to Wijchen. Because that’s where you find the Koninklijke Nooteboom Group, European market leader in the development and production of vehicles for abnormal road transport with a load capacity that can go up to 200 tonnes.

Three Innovation Awards for the Nooteboom Manoovr

During the past six months transport companies across Europe have chosen en masse for the Nooteboom Manoovr. More than 500 axle lines have already been sold and many of these have been delivered by now. The Manoovr MPL semi low-loaders are available with 3 up to 10 axle lines. Marinka Nooteboom: “For almost two years we worked very hard on the development of the Manoovr. In that period we ourselves became more and more enthusiastic about the advantages of Manoovr, but the introduction was not without some suspense. Are our customers going to share our enthusiasm and how will the trade press react? We are delighted with the three Awards we received during the past year.

HSE Nooteboom becomes Nooteboom UK Ltd

HSE Nooteboom has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Royal Nooteboom Group since 2007. Changing the company name to Nooteboom UK Ltd is a natural progression within the group. The timing is perfect to make the change to align with the rebranding of the Nooteboom corporate image and with the large amount of investment being made in the UK facilities. Combined with the rebrand, HSE Nooteboom was ready to renew its own image in order to further strengthen its market leading position in the UK.

Latest Nooteboom Manoovr semi low-loader for Van Wijgerden Transport

Rinus van Wijgerden has been a loyal customer of Nooteboom Trailers for 30 years. Van Wijgerden is always at the forefront with his investment in innovative transport solutions. As is the case with the EURO-PX low-loader, the MULTI-PX semi low-loader and now the Manoovr semi low-loader.

NEW - MANOOVR 3+7 with Multidolly

With a total weight of 150 tonnes at 80 km/hr this MPL-150-37(V) is up to now the largest Manoovr semi low-loader with the highest payload in the programme. The MPL with Multidolly is an excellent alternative for some modular trailers.

West of Scotland Heavy Haulage adds Manoovr to its fleet

UK transport specialists West of Scotland Heavy Haulage has taken delivery of Nootebooms’ latest semi lowloader ‘the Manoovr’ as well as two Mercedes-Benz Arocs tractor units.

Mammoet Road Cargo expanding its fleet with two MANOOVR trailers

Mammoet Road Cargo - member of the Big Move Group - is very happy to announce it is expanding its fleet! They have taken on board two new five-axle extendable MANOOVR trailers from Nooteboom. The new trailers are robust, innovative and designed specifically to meet the requirements of the exceptional transport industry.

Koninklijke Nooteboom Trailers has won the SV Innovation Award 2015

Koninklijke Nooteboom Trailers has won the SV Innovation Award 2015. According to the panel of expert judges the MANOOVR has scored the highest, particularly in the category ‘innovation for the user’. The award was presented by Jarco the Bruin, commercial director ING Lease Nederland, to general manager Marinka Nooteboom during the opening of the BedrijfsautoRAI 2015. The SV Innovation Award is an initiative of the Special Vehicles department of the RAI Vereniging and is sponsored by ING Lease.

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